Rolling thunder

Driving home from work today I looked in my rearview and saw this beast, Piper’s right hand drive Celica GT4. Actually I heard it first due to his exhaust ending at the downpipe and aggressive cam profile. We stop at the light and he tells me he’s heading to Patriot Place for the bi-weekly meet @ Bass Pro so I decided to hit it up. Spontaneity FTW – life happens, roll with it.

Attack notes.

Ran the jway twice this weekend..definitely rusty as all hell. Got in 4 full runs (2 up, 2 down).

The conditions were exactly how I like it – slightly misty, low humidity with temps in the mid 70’s. Traction was decent. First run was Sun 2am, uphill. Did a quick pass to scout then bombed downhill starting @ Jamaica Pond. The construction and weather seem to have made more potholes but they didn’t really factor much. Entry speed at the uphill sweeper was only 55MPH, 20MPH lower than I used to during the summer of 2009. Lap times were still decent though! Best time after watching the vid back was 1’38’13 uphill.

Keep attacking….

Life goes on

I was texting with one of my buddies recently and it made me realize something. I haven’t gone to one import related event so far this year. No meets, shows, trackdays, nothing. To be perfectly frank, my WRX has been in & out of the shop (currently getting a fresh layer of paint, some CF, & an STI Limited trunk spoiler) but really just I’ve been doing other shit LOL! Most notably working on getting my LTC Class A and diving headfirst back into music production. In addition to that, it seems like there has been nothing but bad news coming from the JDM scene lately. Between the natural disasters, knockoffs, tuning manufacturer closures and rising gas prices – shit is downright depressing.

Granted the season is still early for us here in MA but with our winter lasting so long every day counts. After doing a quick tally, by this time last year I’d already done 4 major meets and of course the JWay 88 weeklies. I’d like to see what some of the locals have done to their rides over the winter and hopefully catch some inspiration from my peers. We’ll see how I feel when I the WRX comes home Monday. At the very least I’d like to get the 88 meets cracking again. Get the swagger back. Attack the Jamaicaway.

Drift Garage

My buddy Rich hit me up on Facebook and said he had some news for me. He’s got quite a few projects going at the moment so I stopped by last night to hang and chop it up. After some backroad manuvering I pull up and find myself face to face with one of my dream cars.

Nothing like a gutted AE86 on Supras! Apparently she’s been in sitting in a shop for the last 2 years neglected by a flakey builder. Rich and the owner are taking on the tall task of bringing her back up to speed. If I remember correct the engine is the sexy blue top.

Next to the hachiroku was a white 240sx being setup for’s upcoming drift days. It will be setup as a street car and used as a vehicle for beginer to get their newbie kicks on the track. Plans include a 4 point cage and Stance suspension bits but the goal is to keep this as close to a street car as possible. Great idea and way to promote keeping drifting fun. I’ll be back soon to see how both of these projects progress.

Further evidence of what happens at Drift Garage.

"Where's that damn 10mm?"

Project S12 - Rescued from one of my coworkers, patiently awaiting completion.

The weather should be warm this weekend – enjoy and speed safely.

RE Zelse

My good friend Shane just made a trip down to Tennessee to scoop up an RX8. Check out his trip over at RE Zelse, a nice AutoX & Mazda enthusiast blog run by the homie Mark. I met Mark for the first time last summer when he stopped by the shop with his old black RX8. He got a good chuckle out of the ARC Magic lanyard I was rocking so we instantly hit it off. His old RX8 was setup proper, so I know this one will be most likely be better LOL. Plus he said fuck it, bossed up and bought a Miata too! Check them out when you get a minute and enjoy your weekend!

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