RE Zelse

My good friend Shane just made a trip down to Tennessee to scoop up an RX8. Check out his trip over at RE Zelse, a nice AutoX & Mazda enthusiast blog run by the homie Mark. I met Mark for the first time last summer when he stopped by the shop with his old black RX8. He got a good chuckle out of the ARC Magic lanyard I was rocking so we instantly hit it off. His old RX8 was setup proper, so I know this one will be most likely be better LOL. Plus he said fuck it, bossed up and bought a Miata too! Check them out when you get a minute and enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Hey man, thanks a million for putting up a link to my blog. Shane gave me the link not too long ago and I added it up. Be sure to keep an eye on it bro as it’ll be revamped very, very soon. 😉

    Maybe sometime you can come up and join us working on the car if you’re bored.

    Catch you soon!


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