Fat Beats NYC

My iPod is scary mashup of genres, but I’m a hip hop head to the death.

It was always my first passion and luckily I was fortunate enough to have had some success in my younger days as a DJ & producer for roughly 10-12 years. One of the foundations of East Coast underground hip hop was the legendary record store Fat Beats. Eventually they also opened a store in LA, but as it is with Hip Hop, it all began in NYC.

This was where everyone went to buy the latest vinyl & releases back in the day, myself no exception. Thursday nights I’d do my radio show in Boston then I’d head to South Station, get on the $20 Fung Wah bus and wake up Friday morning @ 42nd St. The first place I’d always hit up was Fat Beats. Bobbito’s Footwork, Rock & Soul, and a few others were also in line, but Fat Beats always took priority.


They had EVERYTHING. Rarities, breaks, the latest 12″s, bootlegs. Cassette copies of the Stretch & Bobbito Show, mixtapes ( when they were actual tapes), DMC DJ Battle videos, graff mags like 12oz Prophet, On The Go, t-shirts – you name it. Hip Hop mecca. Plus Ray’s Famous Pizzeria was downstairs. It was here I met many cool heads for the first time. Some that come to mind are KRS, The Beatnuts, Roc Raida (RIP), Percy P, The Arsonists, Godfather Don, Evil Dee, DJ Premier..some true memories of that store. It was a hip hop store run by people who participated in the culture. I try to reflect that same parallel in the import scene because it’s the most important principle. Only someone involved and committed a lifestyle or culture are the ones who are truly in tune with it’s pulse on every level. You see it in US import car culture as well in brands like JDM Ego or my dude Ben over @ Bulletproof. Like them, Fat Beats catered to a very specific audience and didn’t try to be something they were not. Maximum credibility!

Unfortunately with music culture changing over the years, they didn’t adjust to the times and had to close the doors last September. A hard lesson to learn.

Last week my good friend Wil Infamous posted an interesting link on his FB page. Fat Beats will be hosting a monthly warehouse gig in Brooklyn where they will also make the leftover inventory available to the public for retail. If you are a record collector or hip hop head on the East Coast, make your way there this Saturday March 5 , 2011 from 12-8pm. As an added bonus Madlib will be providing the sounds.

Looks like I’ll be making that Friday ride once again. As a fan who purchased there and an artist who performed at in-store events I’m proud to say they are back.

Check THIS for more info on FB BK!

Also if you like old school and golden era Hip Hop, check out my boy Wil Infamous’ podcast HERE

Decisions, decisions

Looking to add an oil cooler setup to the WRX, so many options. The beauty is that it’s 100% functional. Added lubrication to the boxer engine & keeping temps low are ALWAYS a good thing. The only downside I’ve found so far is that it adds another layer of work to my already high maintenance little beast! Oil lines and connectors to check, an extra quart of oil during changes, etc. No biggie. On to the pics.

Harman Motive makes a tidy setup with a good size core. 1/3 of it being blocked by the bumper beam is a concern though. In contrast here’s the STi S202 oil cooler.

Nice and neat, maximum airflow. Less accessibility to the -AN lines & fittings than the Harman though. Greddy makes a setup with a comparable core size which mounts where the OEM foglight would usually go. Some ducting would pair nicely with it or I could always fabricate something to make it work. This fabbed up air guide is pretty slick.

Of course, it would be nice to just say “fuck it” and go boso!

As much as I’d love to that style usually looks good on old cars. Maybe I’ll mock one up for the hell of it to see…

clean bill of health

I’m excited as hell – for the first time in months the WRX is 110% mechanically sound. It’s been one thing after another…front brakes, new stainless oil lines, axles, ball joints, tie rods, new links, upgraded bushings, and last but not least a fresh alignment. The phrase “Gotta pay to play” has been my motto these past few weeks LOL. Totally worth every penny, as I didn’t have the opportunity to realize the full potential of my Subie last year due to circumstance. 2011 is shaping up nicely and none of it would be possible without the help of some key people.

Thanks to my co-workers Antoan & Shane for doing work on the WRX and overall for being solid dudes. Also good looking out to Mike at Norwood Subaru, thanks for putting up with my random parts requests.

Next order of business is reinstalling my ARC & Varis goodies, TE-37’s, and hoarding parts for phase 2. See me on the jway… I think a few shakedown runs are on the menu.

AWD junkies

The annual Hyper Meeting @ Tsukuba Circuit is right around the corner! Every year the premier AWD drivers & tuning houses in Japan turn out in droves for this event. I was browsing Sierra Sierra’s website and it looks like they will also be there with the EVO, a beastly machine that is shaping up to be one of the best time attack cars built on US soil.

MotoIQ has a great in depth article on the Sierra Sierra EVO


Not as in “that’s a sick car”, but as in permanent congestion. Straight yuckface. Being under the weather has forced me to stay low key, so I decided to be productive and organize my garage a bit. Also found out the WRX needs more parts, no surprise there. Despite it all, there is a silver lining. I woke up this morning to find my old man dropping off a new beater car at my door, free of charge, title in hand. Today is the glorious day that my Subaru is officially no longer my DD (daily driver) so I’m pumped to plot my next round of mods once all the maintenance is done. I’ve got a few plans to say the least. See you on the Jamaicaway…


So today I dropped a small fortune on some new house mods and axles for the WRX. Just when buyers remorse kicked in I stumbled on this gem and thought to myself….fuck it !

Integra’s will ALWAYS have a place in my heart.

I’ve never seen that Top1 rear diffuser until today. Boss!

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