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Drift Garage

My buddy Rich hit me up on Facebook and said he had some news for me. He’s got quite a few projects going at the moment so I stopped by last night to hang and chop it up. After some backroad manuvering I pull up and find myself face to face with one of my dream cars.

Nothing like a gutted AE86 on Supras! Apparently she’s been in sitting in a shop for the last 2 years neglected by a flakey builder. Rich and the owner are taking on the tall task of bringing her back up to speed. If I remember correct the engine is the sexy blue top.

Next to the hachiroku was a white 240sx being setup for’s upcoming drift days. It will be setup as a street car and used as a vehicle for beginer to get their newbie kicks on the track. Plans include a 4 point cage and Stance suspension bits but the goal is to keep this as close to a street car as possible. Great idea and way to promote keeping drifting fun. I’ll be back soon to see how both of these projects progress.

Further evidence of what happens at Drift Garage.

"Where's that damn 10mm?"

Project S12 - Rescued from one of my coworkers, patiently awaiting completion.

The weather should be warm this weekend – enjoy and speed safely.


New begininngs

What a weekend – I managed to do absolutely nothing other than watch football and build Legos with my son. Definitely not a bad thing. I did get a few minutes to myself to browse the blogosphere and see whats poppin on teh interwebs..The biggest deal to me is Tsuchiya-san’s resignation from D1GP. If you want details they are out there – I won’t rehash it all; but I do feel it’s important to take a look at WHY his leaving is a big f*cking deal.

Keichi Tsuchiya has been drifting since before the old school guy who told you drifting was cool was cool. Before the import & JDM craze hit the US. Before I had a license. Before OPTION & BMI dvd’s. Back in the days of VHS tapes, named simply, Pluspy. This is part 1, if anyone wants part 2…let me know I’ll post it.