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Decisions, decisions

Looking to add an oil cooler setup to the WRX, so many options. The beauty is that it’s 100% functional. Added lubrication to the boxer engine & keeping temps low are ALWAYS a good thing. The only downside I’ve found so far is that it adds another layer of work to my already high maintenance little beast! Oil lines and connectors to check, an extra quart of oil during changes, etc. No biggie. On to the pics.

Harman Motive makes a tidy setup with a good size core. 1/3 of it being blocked by the bumper beam is a concern though. In contrast here’s the STi S202 oil cooler.

Nice and neat, maximum airflow. Less accessibility to the -AN lines & fittings than the Harman though. Greddy makes a setup with a comparable core size which mounts where the OEM foglight would usually go. Some ducting would pair nicely with it or I could always fabricate something to make it work. This fabbed up air guide is pretty slick.

Of course, it would be nice to just say “fuck it” and go boso!

As much as I’d love to that style usually looks good on old cars. Maybe I’ll mock one up for the hell of it to see…



No words.

front mount oil cooler