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Rolling thunder

Driving home from work today I looked in my rearview and saw this beast, Piper’s right hand drive Celica GT4. Actually I heard it first due to his exhaust ending at the downpipe and aggressive cam profile. We stop at the light and he tells me he’s heading to Patriot Place for the bi-weekly meet @ Bass Pro so I decided to hit it up. Spontaneity FTW – life happens, roll with it.



No words.

front mount oil cooler

Summer nights

You know the ones…those nights when you have no plans that turn out to be great?

I got a call from B to come check out a car show he entered the JWay Evo MR in – turns out a few of the homies were there also. Got a ride in Piper’s fast & freshly rebuilt RHD Celica AllTrac, some of the crew took home trophies, then we blasted down the Eneking & Jamaica Way to one of our favorite sushi spots and ended the night on a high note. Good times.

Two of my favorite cars from the show, Import Evolution’s EG & G35, both boosted. Nice to see some cars at the show NOT fakin the funk LOL.