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Mass Tuning Meet 6/4/11

My buddy Dstretch has put together what should be a decent sized meet. If you’re in the area come through. Check out the MassTuning group on Facebook as well. Just got my car back yesterday so I’ll be there!! Support the good guys doing it right.


AWD junkies

The annual Hyper Meeting @ Tsukuba Circuit is right around the corner! Every year the premier AWD drivers & tuning houses in Japan turn out in droves for this event. I was browsing Sierra Sierra’s website and it looks like they will also be there with the EVO, a beastly machine that is shaping up to be one of the best time attack cars built on US soil.

MotoIQ has a great in depth article on the Sierra Sierra EVO

JT hardparking

Finally back online after the longest 3 weeks ever. Moving sucks for the record. Just browsing through some photos from this past summer and this is one of my faves..


Apologies for the lack of updates.  The JWay crew went pretty hard at Import Evolution this weekend.  Congrats to Jason & Brian who got 1st & 2nd Mitsubishi (respectively) and Yvan got 1st Honda for his APR widebody turbo AP2. You guys are inspiring me to step my game up!! Good times, good friends, trophies and of course a little drama. Thats how we roll.

Credits to Vincent Soohoo on the pic – check out his FLICKR STREAM for some beautiful shots of the event.

Anyway – there’s been too many Evo’s in this blog lately! Here’s an impressive Impreza. Raw!!!

Summer nights

You know the ones…those nights when you have no plans that turn out to be great?

I got a call from B to come check out a car show he entered the JWay Evo MR in – turns out a few of the homies were there also. Got a ride in Piper’s fast & freshly rebuilt RHD Celica AllTrac, some of the crew took home trophies, then we blasted down the Eneking & Jamaica Way to one of our favorite sushi spots and ended the night on a high note. Good times.

Two of my favorite cars from the show, Import Evolution’s EG & G35, both boosted. Nice to see some cars at the show NOT fakin the funk LOL.


Dennis’s LanEvo @ the JT BBQ. 18×9 Advan RG on Yokos.

WRC brake tech

So now that seating is squared away in the JWay WRX, the next upgrade is an improved brake setup. Despite the obvious STi Brembo path, I’ve been scouring the interweb for brake & caliper info… in my travels I came across some WRC brake goodness.