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F1 Boston

Recently I had the chance to roll to F1 Boston on company dime – free karting, free food & drinks FTW!   Not to mention an opportunity to zip around against some of the corporate higher-ups – good times!!

When I first walked in I was greeted by these two lovely ladies…

Immediately the tone was set.. One of the things I love about F1 is how much it embraces racing history. There are racing videos and posters EVERYWHERE, even the freaking bathrooms!

The crew suited up, ready for racing.

If you ever need any Acura parts holla at my boy Gabe from Prime Acura Walpole. Dude also turned in some pretty quick lap times!

The course we had was Country Track #2, its slower than the main course but some of the karts still managed to hit 42mph. Seemed more technical too – the downhill hairpin is no joke!

F1 is definitely worth checking out if you ever find yourself in the Boston/Braintree  area.  Peep for more info.