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Deep Concentration

R-Magic FD @ HKS Premium Day, Fuji Speedway 2011.


Back to the Future

In a random turn of events, we may get the chance to give a certain classic import the JWay touch. I won’t go too deep into detail – definitely don’t want to jinx the project!! I will say that I’ve been doing tons of research today, staring at some beautiful examples of 70’s machinery. I love J-tin…these examples are more traditional & “clean” but dammit one day I will own a hardcore shakotan styled car.


Apologies for the lack of updates.  The JWay crew went pretty hard at Import Evolution this weekend.  Congrats to Jason & Brian who got 1st & 2nd Mitsubishi (respectively) and Yvan got 1st Honda for his APR widebody turbo AP2. You guys are inspiring me to step my game up!! Good times, good friends, trophies and of course a little drama. Thats how we roll.

Credits to Vincent Soohoo on the pic – check out his FLICKR STREAM for some beautiful shots of the event.

Anyway – there’s been too many Evo’s in this blog lately! Here’s an impressive Impreza. Raw!!!


Being on vacation this week I found myself with the chance to catch up on tons of car related media. My stack of mags and vids has gotten out of hand lately! One of the coolest videos I came across is this incredible documentation of Spoon’s CR-Z build. Hybrid tuning is whats popping in Japan right now.

This video shows the chassis, completely stripped:

And here’s a walkaround of the finished product:

My only beef is that there should be a K20 stuffed in that engine bay!  When is someone other than HKS gonna make some power with this chassis?


Dennis’s LanEvo @ the JT BBQ. 18×9 Advan RG on Yokos.

Recommended reading.

Tonights reading is Option Magazine and…..Super Chevy???!?!


Sitting here thumbing through Option Magazine and I came to realize a few things.

The first is the incredible difference in the tuner markets. US mags tend to be style>substance, though I’ll be the first to admit they are getting less ricey with every issue.

Even the “good” mags still have at least a few ads with garish knockoff body kits being hawked by wannabe models. DSport (for example) is probably the closest thing we have to Option but really, it’s not even close. If we as enthusiasts would support print media the potential is there.

Two – we can learn a few things from the automotive print media that IS established here, publications such as Hot Rod, Super Chevy, etc. There are always lessons to be learned from any build and these guys have been building for a long time, longer than most of us have lived. Once you get past the “no replacement for displacement” mentality and approach domestic car guys with an open mind, the core values of our builds are the same. Big power, clean lines, wheel fitment…same shit different toilet. Despite all of the hotness I stared at in this old Option, the inspiration hit me reading Super Chevy. Crazy.

So next time you line up against some guy in a muscle car, look at the car. Really look it over. Notice the details and ask questions. You might stumble on something that helps your build.

First things first…

I guess an intro is the proper way to start things off.

The JWay Special is a collective of friends/JDM enthusiasts from the Boston area. This blog is to share our projects & whatever other car-related mayhem takes place in our daily grind. One question I get asked a lot is – what’s up with the name?

In Japan there are wangan racers and futo drifters, not to mention its legendary circuit track history.

California has more than its fair share of mountain passes and pro level racetracks.

The midwest is known for street runners who assault industrial areas like their personal playgrounds.

Here, in the greater Boston area, we have parkways. Long, old, twisty one or two lane highways connecting the neighborhoods that make up our city. These parkways are called the Emerald Necklace, the centerpiece of which is the Jamaica Way.

For locals, the Jamaica Way is the fastest way to downtown Boston. Period. It runs through each neighborhood (with exception of Southie & Roxbury) and is a brutally quick stretch of car control. Two lanes lead in, two lanes lead out from the heart of the city. Roughly 15 turns varying in degree & elevation. No median. No roadside barriers. No turn off. Even the police avoid it. Its a favourite of motorcycle riders in the summer and avoided by most in the winter – truly treacherous urban terrain.

As a kid growing I up my household never had a car.  My father always had nice cars but he lived outside the city. One the perks of spending time with my dad was that I’d always see some the nicest cars on the JWay, everything from bolt-on Civic hatchbacks and Supras to Hamaan M3’s, Jaguars, and turbo 911’s. It was and still is my personal Nurburgbring Nordschlieffe – menacingly simple with death looming at every turn. No mistake goes unforgiven on the JWay. It has claimed cars, bikes, and lives.

Despite that reality, myself and my circle of gear head friends run it flat out, building cars to chase personal ghosts. To push limits as drivers and tuners. Hey – it’s not for everyone, but we aren’t like everyone else. Never have been.