Back to the Future

In a random turn of events, we may get the chance to give a certain classic import the JWay touch. I won’t go too deep into detail – definitely don’t want to jinx the project!! I will say that I’ve been doing tons of research today, staring at some beautiful examples of 70’s machinery. I […]


Apologies for the lack of updates.  The JWay crew went pretty hard at Import Evolution this weekend.  Congrats to Jason & Brian who got 1st & 2nd Mitsubishi (respectively) and Yvan got 1st Honda for his APR widebody turbo AP2. You guys are inspiring me to step my game up!! Good times, good friends, trophies and […]

Recommended reading.

Tonights reading is Option Magazine and…..Super Chevy???!?! WTF?!?! Sitting here thumbing through Option Magazine and I came to realize a few things. The first is the incredible difference in the tuner markets. US mags tend to be style>substance, though I’ll be the first to admit they are getting less ricey with every issue. Even the […]