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Tonights reading is Option Magazine and…..Super Chevy???!?!


Sitting here thumbing through Option Magazine and I came to realize a few things.

The first is the incredible difference in the tuner markets. US mags tend to be style>substance, though I’ll be the first to admit they are getting less ricey with every issue.

Even the “good” mags still have at least a few ads with garish knockoff body kits being hawked by wannabe models. DSport (for example) is probably the closest thing we have to Option but really, it’s not even close. If we as enthusiasts would support print media the potential is there.

Two – we can learn a few things from the automotive print media that IS established here, publications such as Hot Rod, Super Chevy, etc. There are always lessons to be learned from any build and these guys have been building for a long time, longer than most of us have lived. Once you get past the “no replacement for displacement” mentality and approach domestic car guys with an open mind, the core values of our builds are the same. Big power, clean lines, wheel fitment…same shit different toilet. Despite all of the hotness I stared at in this old Option, the inspiration hit me reading Super Chevy. Crazy.

So next time you line up against some guy in a muscle car, look at the car. Really look it over. Notice the details and ask questions. You might stumble on something that helps your build.