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Carsport Station’s GC Impreza is the business.

Their S15 isn’t too shabby either. Both cars run time attacks at Sendai.


Are we there yet?

There – as in Spring, as in warm weather. Can’t wait for the upcoming motorsport season though! I went out with my homie Rich (and our GF’s ) for drinks a few nights ago, he got me all hyped up talking about’s Drift Clinic. It’s a good way for noobs like me to practice drifting in a safe enviroment.

May 14 – Drift Clinic “Drift 101″ – NHMS S3
June 11 – Spring Drifting – NHMS S3
July 9 – Dog Days of Drift – NHMS S3
September 10 – Fall Classic – NHMS S1

Hopefully Rich will have his S12 project running by season opener, unfortunately his CWest CF S15 met an untimely demise in 2010. If you’ve been to any import event in NH,MA or RI in the past 3 years you have definitely seen his car around.

The good news is that it will be rebuilt – and with a bit of luck you’ll see the updates right here. Stay tuned.