Keep attacking the Jamaica Way.

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Attack notes.

Ran the jway twice this weekend..definitely rusty as all hell. Got in 4 full runs (2 up, 2 down).

The conditions were exactly how I like it – slightly misty, low humidity with temps in the mid 70’s. Traction was decent. First run was Sun 2am, uphill. Did a quick pass to scout then bombed downhill starting @ Jamaica Pond. The construction and weather seem to have made more potholes but they didn’t really factor much. Entry speed at the uphill sweeper was only 55MPH, 20MPH lower than I used to during the summer of 2009. Lap times were still decent though! Best time after watching the vid back was 1’38’13 uphill.

Keep attacking….



Carsport Station’s GC Impreza is the business.

Their S15 isn’t too shabby either. Both cars run time attacks at Sendai.

Save the ‘Ring.

If anyone who reads this is somewhat like me, then you know and respect the Nurburgring. You probably know it like the back of your hand from running laps on Gran Tourismo or Forza Motorsports. Just about every manufacturer uses the ‘Ring to test & benchmark sports cars.

Back in 2003 (damn I’ve been doing this a while now LOL) I was lucky enough to experience the German national treasure firsthand. Unforgettable!

Long story short – the ‘Ring is in trouble.
Take some time out of your busy day and click on over to to preserve one of the greatest race tracks ever built.


Apologies for the lack of updates.  The JWay crew went pretty hard at Import Evolution this weekend.  Congrats to Jason & Brian who got 1st & 2nd Mitsubishi (respectively) and Yvan got 1st Honda for his APR widebody turbo AP2. You guys are inspiring me to step my game up!! Good times, good friends, trophies and of course a little drama. Thats how we roll.

Credits to Vincent Soohoo on the pic – check out his FLICKR STREAM for some beautiful shots of the event.

Anyway – there’s been too many Evo’s in this blog lately! Here’s an impressive Impreza. Raw!!!