Keep attacking the Jamaica Way.

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Attack notes.

Ran the jway twice this weekend..definitely rusty as all hell. Got in 4 full runs (2 up, 2 down).

The conditions were exactly how I like it – slightly misty, low humidity with temps in the mid 70’s. Traction was decent. First run was Sun 2am, uphill. Did a quick pass to scout then bombed downhill starting @ Jamaica Pond. The construction and weather seem to have made more potholes but they didn’t really factor much. Entry speed at the uphill sweeper was only 55MPH, 20MPH lower than I used to during the summer of 2009. Lap times were still decent though! Best time after watching the vid back was 1’38’13 uphill.

Keep attacking….


New begininngs

What a weekend – I managed to do absolutely nothing other than watch football and build Legos with my son. Definitely not a bad thing. I did get a few minutes to myself to browse the blogosphere and see whats poppin on teh interwebs..The biggest deal to me is Tsuchiya-san’s resignation from D1GP. If you want details they are out there – I won’t rehash it all; but I do feel it’s important to take a look at WHY his leaving is a big f*cking deal.

Keichi Tsuchiya has been drifting since before the old school guy who told you drifting was cool was cool. Before the import & JDM craze hit the US. Before I had a license. Before OPTION & BMI dvd’s. Back in the days of VHS tapes, named simply, Pluspy. This is part 1, if anyone wants part 2…let me know I’ll post it.